Web Audit & Consultation

Website Audits

How do you know if your website is giving you the results you need? The most obvious way would be to keep a note of the number of enquiries, by phone or email, that you recieve. Many business owners are happy to use this as a fairly straightforward way of telling if their website is working for them.

However, should you wish to measure more accurately the performance of the website, then a Website Audit can be used to check it's current state, and to guide any improvements that could be made.

A Website Audit involves a number of manual and automated cheks that are run against a website, the results of which are then analysed and reported back to the website owner. At 4D Digital we try, wherever possible, to keep our audit report free from overly technical jargon, and to focus on key areas that may need to be worked on to give improved results.

At the core of the audit report is always a focus on the key indicator that you wish to focus on. Commonly this can be the number of enquiries being produced by the website, but can also include the number of sign ups, product sales or even time spent on the site.

Basic Website Audit

For our basic website audit we look at some of the most important aspects of a website and report back to you with recommendations. Our report can be verbal or printed, at your preference, and includes a check on areas such as Site performance, content and user experience, responsive layouts for tablet and mobile. Good or bad, we look to give you some idea of where your website is doing well or could be improved. The cost of our basic Website Audit is £99 + VAT

Enhanced Web Audit

Should you ever wish us to provide a more detailed analysis we also offer our Enhanced Web Audit for £399 + VAT. This includes all the aspects of the basic Website Audit, but also looks further into usability, browser testing and competitor analysis. With the enhanced audit we look further into what you may be looking to acheive with your website, and what can be improved to reach those targets.


At 4D Digital we have over a decade of experience in designing, building and maintaining websites. More recently we have developed experience in design and building mobile apps. We strongly believe that we can use this knowledge to help your website or project succeed.

Our consultation services range from an informal chat over coffee about a proposed new project, through analysing existing websites, right up to offering technical planning on a larger project. We are always happy to talk with clients on existing and proposed projects. In a continually-developing area we enjoy helping clients - working with new ideas and projects can be hugely reearding and exciting.