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Website Design

A website is still one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools. Whether it's the first website for a new project, or a 2nd or 3rd generation website, having that professional quality gives existing and potential clients confidence in your services.

At 4D Digital we will work with you to provide the design and content that best portrays your message, as clearly and cleanly as possible.

Web Applications are more advanced websites that offer a more software-like function. We specialise in producing internal company systems that often replace ageing database applications.

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Mobile App Development

With the huge expansion in recent years of smartphone use, mobile apps provide a fantastic way of engaging with existing clients or even providing their own unique functionality. Utilising new development frameworks we can develop apps for Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store) much more quickly than we would even two or three years ago. The ability of web apps to offer similar functionality as native mobile apps is hugely exciting.
If you think you have a requirement that is best suited to mobile use, then we can provide you with a dedicated app and ongoing support.

SEO and Marketing

Every website (and mobile app) needs marketing in order to reach your target audience.
We can assess and optimise your existing website to give you the results you require. From a few hours consultancy to a planned campaign over many months, we provide that service.

PPC campaigns such as Google Adwords can be created and managed, with full analytical insight to achieve the goals you set.

SEO & Marketing - 4D Digital

WordPress Development

Over a third of all websites are based on the WordPress platform. That’s a staggering number and there are very good reasons for that. The ease-of-use and extensibility of the WordPress framework enables individuals and developers to create and update websites relatively quickly.

If you need a web developer for your existing WordPress website, in whatever way, then give us a call.

Web Audits and Consultancy

Not really sure what you need but would like some expert advice? Our consultancy service is tailored to suit your needs, from an informal chat through to longer-term projects where we’ll forensically assess your online presence. You may have an idea for a new mobile app – discuss it with us discretely and we can advise on the best way forward

The benefit of working with clients for over a decade is that we’ve seen many projects, and of those that succeeded, we tend to know why…

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