Web Design and Web Applications.

Website Design

Websites are now established as a key marketing tool, and a good website is important to represent you and your business in a professional way. In addition to reflecting your branding and message, modern websites will load quickly, be easy to navigate and intuitively lead visitors through the information provided. Key contact detials should be clearly available.

From s simple brochure-type website to a more complex ecommerce or bespoke application, we have the experience to use the technology that fits the requirement. With a background of over a decade in the online industry, we still passionately keep up-to-date with new developments.

Responsive and Mobile Websites

A responsive website is one which 'responds' to the width of the device it is being viewed on. This enables the user to be able to navigate easily and experience the website without any loss of information or navigation. Producing a clean, easy-to-read layout with sometimes complex content can be quite a challenge and one not to be underestimated.

Particular importance is paced when providing layout and design for aplications such as ecommerce, where placement of key content and links can be key in the success of the project.

4D Digital - responsive Website Design

WordPress Websites

At 4D we are experienced WordPress developers and as such use the framework as a go-to platform for the majority of websites. The flexibility it provides for developer and user is key.

We provide bespoke WordPress themes as well as utilising our own standard templates where budgets dictate. WordPress maintenance and security updates are part of the ongoing packages we offer. Get in touch if this an area you need any help with.

Web Applications

A Web Application is considered to be a class of website that provides a service or a function, rather than displaying information only. This is an area in which we have a large degree of expertise. Our experience includes in-house and public systems for Recruitment, Property, Client Portals and ecommerce. Many of these systems have and are currently being used by companies to run their day-to-day operations.

Key to the provision of a Web Aplication is the ability to listen, analyse and understand the client needs, before specifying and producing a system that offers the required functionality. This skill is a key aspect to the success of any Web Application project.

EM-Powered - Client Portal


The team at 4D has plently of experience in developing ecommerce websites. Having been part of a team that built an ecommerce platform from scratch, which, to this day, has sold over a million pounds worth of goods to customers all over the world, we believe we know how to help your online store be a success.

The all-round challenge required by ecommerce is one we love being a part of. Let us know your plans or existing project and we'd be delighted to offer advice and help that sales graph start to head upwards!